The Cost Of Beauty & Glamour- How Much is Too Much?

If an internationally acclaimed model was to give you make up tips you would more than likely take her advise than you would take mine. That being said I must add this. Internationally acclaimed models have a job to do and that is to sell a certain brand of make up to you. They don’t really care about your skincare routine or your recent blemishes and skin problems. What they care about is getting you to purchase and try everything new on the market right till your money is exhausted and your skin is way worst than you started off to begin with. Let’s face it, beauty trends are on the rise by the hour. Every day something new crops up on the market promising you flawless skin and what not…What do you do? Give In and try everything or stick to your preferred brand?

So, who’s word should you take? The influencers who get sponsored to put you into debt for something that doesn’t really suit your skin type but promises miracles overnight? I am no beauty expert, neither am I on anyone’s payroll. I am an ordinary woman in her late thirties who is not one to spend loads on unnecessary make-up.  However, like any women out there, I always want to look and feel good. Everyone knows that make up has that instant feel good affect from the moment it touches your skin.

The Big Question

Offcourse, I do wear make-up. In fact I love it! The big question though, is what sort of make up or beauty products are out there that can actually fix your flaws while enhancing your features without making you look like a ghastly made-up clown. Too many ladies become so obsessed with changing their appearance while utilizing make up. We don’t often realize that overdoing it actually spoils our natural beauty. I have met ladies who pile on the foundation when they don’t really need to. They end up looking like a delicious but nauseating birthday cake with too much of icing.

In my recent quest to find an authentic beauty brand that works for me, I met a remarkable lady. She changed my mind about those fake people who thrive on selling you products which you do not require! She has captured my interest by revealing specific products which have literally given me a few extra minutes in my day.

 To be quiet honest, as I was growing up, make up was the last thing of any concern to me. I was only allowed a minimum of kohl and lipstick. Me being me, I opted for bright red lipstick whether it suited my skin tone or not…eye-roll.. (Do you even blame me? This was all I was allowed as a teen.)

Covering Up Freckles And Flaws


When I turned twenty one I became pretty self-conscious of my freckles. One night at a friend’s wedding, a make-up artist went to town with my face. It was the first time in my short life, in which I had been used as someone’s guinea pig. Surprisingly, I was pleased with the results. This expert whom I was in awe of, finally got rid of my freckles which I had always been self-conscious about. There I was shining in all my glory ready for as many I could pose for.

However, a month after the wedding, upon careful scrutiny of those wedding photo’s I was appalled. Facing me was not me, but someone that barely looked like me. Whoever knows me will tell you that one thing I can never be is fake. Those fancy snaps made me look like a supermodel but to be honest I was way overdone. Instead of being thrilled about the results I was rather miffed. What was I thinking? I wondered as I stared at that album in amazement.

The Best  Beauty Products

Mario Badescu

To cut a long story short since that day, I have been searching for a product that lightly conceals my freckles without hiding them completely. Now that I am all grown up, I do love these freckles and realise what a shame it would be to cover up the one feature which distinguishes me from others.

Last year, a close personal friend on the Gram mentioned something about Farsali. Upon her recommendation I came across Mystic Beauty and seeing that her prices were fairly reasonable, I decided to give her products a go. Ever since I can recall, mom and I have always used Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. For me to take a chance and try something new was really big. I needed something for highly sensitive skin that would not leave me with break-outs and scars.

Online Store That Won’t Rip You Off

We all know that online stores can be the biggest con artists. They usually promise one thing and deliver a completely different product. Some even sell fake products. At first, I was rather skeptical to invest my money in so called designer branded make-up. Regardless of my misgivings, I took the plunge and made my first purchase. Can you even imagine my absolute delight and pleasant surprise when I received my product the very same day? Not only that, I was one of the lucky ones because I received a 20% discount due to some promotion or the other.

My first product which I purchased from Mystic Beauty was Farsali Skintune Blur. I am absolutely in love with this product. After applying my moisturizer, as well as a few drops of Farsali – and this helps blur and diminish fine lines as well as freckles. (After thirty you will start to notice all these flaws) Since I have been using Farsali, on two separate occasions I was asked about the brand of my concealer. I smiled and I said: “I don’t have any on.” Nobody really believed this. It’s the truth though. I don’t really have problematic skin so Farsali is all I use before applying either some blusher or some eyeshadow and a light slather of lipstick. Farsali is not just a corrector but also works from within to improve skin conditions.

The Lady Behind The Famous Brands

Huda Lipsticks In Bold Colours To Choose From

The person I must thank for the easiest make-up routine and best beauty recommendations is Ayesha, the owner of Mystic Beauty. Mystic Beauty is a fabulous online beauty store that stocks amazing authentic branded beauty products as well as designer handbags. For one, Ayesha’s service and prices are excellent. Shopping online can be a breeze but the waiting period for delivery, now that is what works on my nerves. As you know by now already, patience is not my greatest virtue. What I also loved about the service I received is how she patiently and honestly advised me on each query and beauty product. While there are many retailers that stock some of the brands which Mystic beauty has on promotion, not many of those ladies out there actually give you honest advise and personalized service.

Ayesha took the time out to save me from purchasing cheap knock offs by explaining the difference between fake Huda products and the genuine items. If you are wondering about the owner of this chic online store, stick around…I will tell you a bit about her. After many calls, I was rather intrigued about the face behind the voice. Coincidently we bumped into each other at the gym one day. She was thrilled to finally meet one of her biggest customers. Wink…wink…

The Lady Behind The Store

So, who is Ayesha? She is a qualified dietician, mother to three little angels and wife to a Dental Surgeon. She resides in one of the leafy suburbs of the beautiful city of Cape Town. She is a coffee lover who enjoys gardening and reading among other things.  Her passion for make-up and beauty products has lead her to create an online beauty boutique which brings you amazing products directly from the U.K and U.S.A.

Make sure to remember one thing. When you purchase from Mystic Beauty, you are supporting a local store that is bringing authentic quality products right to the comfort of your home. At the click of a button, perhaps in a day or two or three, your beautifully packaged beauty product will be ready for you to use.

Best News – Designer Hand-Bags Now On Sale


If you still here, then keep scrolling because I have got the best news for you, ever! Mystic Beauty has recently launched an array of designer handbags. The good news is that her prices are way less than you would pay at any store out there. I mean these are the real deal. Authentic branded designer bags at an affordable price!

If you are looking for personalized service and you want to meet the lady behind the famous brands, why not pop by at the Beauty Squad Expo this weekend? Mystic Beauty will be part of a beauty fair being hosted at the Radison Blu Hotel in Cape Town on the 26th of October 2019.

Wait for it…. I am also super excited because Ayesha has teamed up with an upcoming make-up artist. She will be there to advise you on recommended products for your unique skin type. She will also be ready to assist you with any current make-up blunders which you may be experiencing. Yes, that’s right! A real live make-up artist for your make-over. So why not join us for a fun-filled day of shopping? What are you waiting for?

 Purchase your tickets to the fair and grab your BFF…its time for some serious shopping!!!

The beauty Expo Of The Year

Time For Some Give Away’s

Now for the best part…If you are sitting in your corner of the world, and can’t make it to the fair, holy cow! (Competition open to South African’s only) You can still stand in line to win some of these mind- blowing products at the click of a button. Stop wondering what’s in it for you and get to Mystic Beauty’s Instagram page for more info. You can win an amazing list of the best beauty products and goodies…

(P.S Competition open to South African’s only)

How To Purchase A ticket To The Beauty Expo

Who Wouldn’t Want To Walk Away With These??

Its so simple…Click on the link  @beautysquadsa on Instagram. This will lead you to a page where you can purchase tickets to the expo.

Alternately if you wish to find out more about the products on sale at the beauty expo, why not visit Mystic Beauty online. You can also purchase your products from the comfort of your home.

Check out Mystic Beauty on Instagram

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22 thoughts on “The Cost Of Beauty & Glamour- How Much is Too Much?

  1. Awesome read! So informative. Cannot wait to meet you on Saturday and see all the goodies on sale. Really hoping to win that amazing goodie bag so fingers crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A very interesting read! In my younger days I also didn’t own more than just eye pencil & subtle lipstick, but my makeup kit now is overflowing with all these high end brands!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Also, thanks for your review on the store. Will definately be checking them out & supporting. Keep up the great work, your blogs are always informative & a fun read! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m glad someone else feels the same way I do. I feel anxious when new launches come out. I have to miss out because I’m broke most of the time. I only want a few products. Norvina Volume 2, Tarte Holiday Set, Qing Beauty Shop Exotic Pop, Fireworks palette, a brush set, brush cleaner, Gorgeous Me palette . Big palettes that will last longer.

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    1. Being flawless on the outside comes at a huge price. I prefer doing an i side sweep up and fixing my demons, however as woman we always want to be admired..mostly by other we spend tons trying to fix our outer flaws..truth is it doesn’t have to be that way. A few simple products does the trick magically…chasing after new brands can be rather detrimental..thank you for your response..I am glad to meet someone who can relate fully to me❤


  5. While I love makeup I love skincare more. I’ll rather stick to trial and error and use my discernment when it comes to advertised products as I believe great skin allows for a smoother application. I love your review and experience of Mystic beauty ❤️ awesome encountering people who genuinely want the best for you!


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