This Is How You Prepare The Perfect Piece Of Steak

Succulent Juicy & Medium Rare

I don’t always share special recipes with just about anyone, but I have been inspired by my late aunt to do so. I know one thing for sure. When you share a recipe with someone, each time they create this signature dish, they will think of you, and maybe even pray for you.

Having grown up with a family of blockmen it is no secret that I am a full-blown meat lover. When it comes to steak, I can be hard to please. Any old rubbery steak won’t do. It has to either be a thick juicy piece of rump or proper soft, melt in your mouth fillet.

However, the thing with steak is that not everyone knows how to prepare it to perfection.

There is only one sure way to prepare steak. The pan needs to be extremely hot with pure butter.

 Now, many people like their steak well done, but I like mine medium rare and I don’t mind it rare as long as its not bloody. Being a typical Indian, my steak absolutely must not be bland.

There are some though who kill the actual taste of steak by over spicing it. I like a subtle hint of spices for extreme flavour.

Steak isn’t steak without a good quality Worcestershire sauce either. So if you want, you can stick around for a tried and tested fool proof method of creating the best tasting steak you have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

This Is How I Prepare It

I marinate the steak at least two hours in advance with a paste of ground ginger and garlic. To this I add some barbecue spice, pepper and ground coriander. You could add some chillie flakes if you want some extra heat. Sprinkle a dash of Worcestershire sauce and leave this to marinate for a bit.

When you add the meat to the pan, make sure that it is at room temperature so as not to cool off the hot frying pan. The pan needs to be rather hot with about a tablespoon of pure unsalted farm fresh butter. After the steak has cooked for about 2 minutes you can add a tablespoon or two of fresh cream, depending on how much of steak you have and how saucy you want it to be.

Allow this to cook for about two to 5 minutes on high heat, depending on your preference. Lastly season it with salt just before serving it.

Served With A Greek Salad

I swear, this is lip smackingly delicious!

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