How To Wrap Him Around Your Pinky?!

Want him to love you the way your first crush did?!
She has him eating from her palms

Take Control Of Your Marriage With 3 Essential Principles!

Happily ever after involve patience, patience and more patience!

The follow up to my previous blog ( Happy Endings Does That Even Exist These Days) is finally here…

Self Esteem & Self Care

I have recently come across an online coach saying that a happy marriage comes from loving one’s self and the ability to understand yourself first and your own needs.

I found that the primary emphasis these days is on self-love. If you love yourself, they say, then you can love all others. While I agree with this partially. It does not spin the wheels in my brain.

Yes, I do often remind ladies to take care of themselves. However, I feel that the West primarily accentuates self-love instead of focusing on the source of love first.  

I also feel like this happiness that this online coach speaks about, is bound to be shaky, as you cannot rely on self-love alone, to weather your storms.

Also, both partners need to have mutual marriage goals. If you are both not on the same track, brace yourself for a turbulent ride.

What happens if your partner still does not reciprocate all your heartfelt efforts? With all that self- love and your marriage still does not make it, then what?

I mean you can be the greatest beauty and as nice as you wish but without having a real and legitimate goal and purpose in your mind for the success of your marriage, it really won’t get very far! There is only one way to save your home…read on for more info…

Inside job

What Is The Key To Happiness In A Marriage?

Happiness is truly an inside job. You probably heard this line before.
It is finally time to start changing your outdated mindset. It is time for some good changes. What is real happiness, you want to know? Real happiness comes from the source of everything. Who is that source? Your creator!

Replace your old concepts about marriage with a fresh perspective and become inspired now.

Stop worrying and say YES to the wisdom I am sharing with you. For just five seconds, read and ponder this please.

Who is the source of love?  YOUR CREATOR. If you do everything for the right reasons and with the right intentions everything will simply fall into place. This is the honest to God truth, I swear! When I speak here, it is based on my experiences with life and love.

 Everyone who has ever had a broken heart will be able to attest to this and tell you this above. Who delivered you from heartbreak? The same ONE will certainly bring happiness to your marriage!

This brings me to the things that men need in a marriage and the best way to keep your man madly, insanely and crazily in love with you for the rest of your married life.

The list way below will grant you the fail-proof road to a successful marriage.

Remember this: When you understand your purpose in this world, self-love comes automatically but more importantly so does respect for others, particularly your husband.

Coming from someone who has loved and lost, I can honestly say that loving for all the wrong reasons won’t keep your marriage intact and whole.

Who’s The Boss?

Some people believe that marriage is a partnership. A fifty-fifty partnership. Marriage is a partnership to a degree and within limits. The fact remains that the man and the husband is the leader of the home and the king. We as women, have become so fat from the lies that the west and the media keep us entertained with. No matter how you look at it, men and women will never be the same!

 Men will always be the leaders within a household. This is not just because of their physical strength but because the Lord of the universe stated this in the holy Quraan. Even the bible speaks of a man as the leader of the household. “Men are protectors and maintainers of women and women are nurturers.” As stated in the holy Quraan. That tells you that we have different roles.

In every culture the man is the head of the household. While each partner brings certain things to the table, ultimately who is the boss? The man is! This is the first thing which you must understand as a woman.

Marriage can be compared to managing an enterprise. Something you already know as an adult is that the M.D (Managing director) of a company cannot do without his P.A.

She does almost everything for him. He manages the business and gives the orders.
The P.A (Personal Assistant) follows through with his instructions. In a marriage some decisions are for the husband alone to decide, while other decisions are made mutually.

That is the exact way a marriage and a home should also be managed.

If you want your man to eat from your palms, you must be the best secretary to him. Give him what he needs and wants first and then only will you gain all the perks!

Keep him happy to get all the perks

What do men need?

  1. Respect

Does it mean that he can walk all over you? Does respect mean, he can say: Jump! You say: How high? Hell No! There are limits. A man who loves you will never push you to your limits. So, what is respect and how should you respect your man?

How To Show Your man/husband Respect

  • Give up trying to control your husband
  • Receive what he gives you with kindness and thankfulness
  • Designate him as the minister of finance in your marriage
  • Focus on your own inner peace and contentment
  •  Respect how he thinks
  • Express your wants without feeling entitled to it


If you are an independent woman, it is not always easy to surrender to a man. However, this is no ordinary man! This is the man who was chosen as your soulmate and partner. This man was chosen by the creator of love. This man was chosen for you by the Lord of the universe.  Follow these three basic principles of wisdom for a happy marriage.

The rest of my advice will follow in the next two blogs.

They won’t be in succession so you will have to look them up and read each one in succession in order to gain the full benefit!

What do you think are the essential elements in any marriage? Please feel free to comment about your marriage and what works/worked for you!

Published by shamzam0825

Hello and welcome to my world, I am a single Muslim mom. I was born and raised in the heart of Africa. I am a professional Copywriter, Fibromyalgia warrior, Ex LLB student, and a qualified Realtor. I produce content about Copywriting. I also have my own personal lifestyle blog. You are most welcome to follow me and gain insight into my lifestyle. With a healthy dose of my lifelong experiences to share, I will enlighten you on personal development. Allow me to be your companion on this journey called life.

3 thoughts on “How To Wrap Him Around Your Pinky?!

  1. Hey Shamz , I may be too open/western minded to believe the man is the ‘king’of the household. I believe each person has their own strengths and can contribute those to a successful partnership/marriage. It doesn’t matter who is in charge of finance , planning holidays , cooking , shopping, gardening etc as long as it’s done with love and plays to the partners interests. Can’t wait for more of your tips 🙂


    1. Thank you do much for your comment.
      I do appreciate your honesty and feedback. You are most welcome to your opinion, Veeshani..

      However, I must add my bit.😊

      In Islam the man is supposed to be the head of the household.
      Even in Hinduism.
      In fact anybody who follows a religion and has a strong cultural background will agree with this.

      However the main emphasis here whether you follow a particular religion or not,
      is to show respect & appreciation first to one’s husband, above all else!

      I speak about religion because this is the way I was raised and how what I think about marriage.

      Some may agree and some may not.

      It really isnt about who does what and how they contribute to the partnership, I just used an anolgy.
      Ultimately it is about how you make your partner feel. If you make him feel like a King, he will treat you like his queen.

      (Respect and appreciation is also a two way street.

      However, as Muslime we put our creator first in our marriage and the teachings of Islam.
      above all else.
      We treat our husbands with the respect he deserves as taught to us by our Prophet Muhammad.
      This does not mean that we don’t have rights.
      Our prophet Muhammad even in his last sermon and death bed asked men to treat their womenfolk kindly!)

      What I have noticed is that many “modern” woman who are extremely independent are always quick to say,
      I don’t care, I don’t need him, I will walk out if he does this or that…
      YES, we must leave a marriage if we are incompatible&if there is ANY form of abuse and infedilty/betrayal.
      Those are reasons to leave a marriage.

      However so many woman easily walk out of a marriage and run,
      because of the littlest of things,
      just because they can.
      Many don’t do their share as a wife should and then complain afterwards when the marriage has gone sour.

      Respect, appreciation & Intimacy (sex) are the most important ways to keep a man happy.

      Also, feed them well…lol…this is what men really want.
      A hungry man is usually a hangry man…lol..

      They also want a women that takes pride in herself and her appearance, as well as their home.

      I will be posting my final blog post on marriage soon.
      I will try to keep it short and complete it in one blog post. Stay tuned for some more tips…to follow..hope it works for you too…


    2. I guess I am old fashioned in my beliefs and behaviour, especially when it comes to marriage. Sorry for the spelling errors. I am at the doctor and in a rush to respond.


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