Polygamy yay or nay???

Islam allows four wives

A women’s greatest fear

These words can strike fear into the heart of any Muslim women in a monogamous marriage. It is a dreaded word to most modern Muslim women these days: “My husband wants to take a second wife!” 

Culture Shock!

Polygamy has existed for centuries in many different cultures. It is not just within Islam that polygamy is encouraged. From Hinduism and Christianity to the different African cultures, it has been there and will remain there despite the efforts of many to do away with it. Polygamy was previously not recognized in South Africa. Today, however wives from polygamous marriages even inherit according to the South African Law of Succession and Family law.

Small minds

I was once asked about my views on polygamy by a non-Muslim many years back. I hang my head in shame at the answer I gave to him. I was only twenty-one and thought I knew everything there was to know about Islam back then. How arrogantly, I answered. I am now ashamed to say that I thought in such a small-minded and narrow way back then, but I have grown and this is all part of my journey of growth and self-development.

Divine rights of a man

You are a Muslim woman, but you don’t believe or accept polygamy, how is that possible? The holy Quraan clearly gives a man the rights to have four wives. Who are you then to refuse his God-given, divine rights? I ask. Polygamy is a sunnah and and lawfully allowed in Islam provided that specific rules are followed. It has to be implemented in a transparent manner and not a hidden/temporary marriage. Also a man has to be fair and just to all four of his wives.

Many years ago, I used to have debates and arguments with my brothers and any man who even whispered the word polygamy near me. Stupid and naive that I was, I argued about things I had no knowledge of. About two years ago, my younger brother sat me down and took the time to explain polygamy to me in detail. I promised to listen to him with an open mind without interrupting him. At first, I sat with my arms crossed thinking what I would say to him and how I would argue my point. However, as he went on, something within me began to change. I really started to understand the hikmah (wisdom) behind polygamy.

Modern Feminists

Allah (GOD) swt is so great. A staunch feminist and a passionate activist against abuse of women, I used to be adamant that every man only saw polygamy as a tool and means to satisfy their desires and hurt and exploit innocent women. How wrong I was! There are many men who exploit their God-given rights to have 4 wives, by marrying women and then treating them badly. There are however many individuals who have successfully taken more than one wife and lead extraordinary lives. They are fair and just and provide love, care, and support to all four wives equally. Their family life is in order and these families really thrive upon this setting.

Strong Imaan and proper taqwa is the solution (Fear your Lord and have faith in His wisdom)

The key lies in the level of imaan (faith) and intentions of both the husband as well as the first wife. Which women wants to share her man? Every single woman is territorial and jealous. Even the wives of Nabi Muhammad s.a were jealous. That being said, if a man is mentally strong enough to handle four different women in his life, then Bismillah, let him go ahead with polygamy.

During the time of our prophet Muhammad s.a, polygamy was encouraged not for carnal desires. There were many reasons but mostly it was there to take care of women. When a woman lost her husband through death or divorce, the companions of the prophet s.a would marry them to save them from zina (adultery) and poverty and to protect their best interests and sometimes even offer support as role models to another mans children in cases where the fathers had passed on.


The way I look at it, polygamy is a blessing for women. The benefits are numerous. Many women today do not want to be a second wife, neither do they wish to share their husbands. This to me is shallow and immature behavior as Muslim women. A while back a newly married bride, I know personally, asked her husband to take a second wife. She said that she had chosen someone for him based on the women’s marital status. Here was another woman just like her, divorced and struggling to make ends meet. I was utterly shocked. The women who did this was young, stunningly beautiful and what surprised me was that she was newly married. I took her aside and I asked her if she was okay? Why would you even suggest that? I wondered at that time. She selflessly chose to open her heart to another women.

Can you imagine a polygamy hater hearing this? I was appalled and shocked beyond words. After careful scrutiny of her intentions and reasoning, I realized how beautiful polygamy is and more so, it was a wake-up call for me too.

No need for consent from the first wife

You as a Muslim woman need to understand that Jannah (heaven) lies under the feet of your husband. If you please him, you please Allah. If he decides that he wants another wife, you cannot stop him. I honestly believe that if you ask for a divorce, just because he took another wife, you are cruel and selfish beyond words.

If a man secretly marries that is not part of Islam. However, just remember that a man does not need a first wife’s permission for polygamy and that says it all. Deception is discouraged and frowned upon. However, if a man comes to his wife honestly and explains his intentions, allows the first wife to be a participant in the procedure of choosing another wife and is good and kind to his first wife, then what is the problem?

Stop Complaining and learn to appreciate what you have

Women often complain about their husbands. I am going to be brutally honest here. Some women say they have run out of excuses: “Honey, not tonight, I have a headache!” is now becoming a stale excuse. You can’t always satisfy his desires, if he has a high sex drive then what should he do? Commit adultery?

Men are from Mars and women are from Pluto

Women need to understand something, men were created very differently to us. Some men are weak, and women are the strong ones. We can control our desires. Some men can’t. The obvious solution is polygamy. If you as woman lack in the stamina to be the wife, he needs then don’t push him to sin.

Besides this, if a man marries another woman for Allah swt sake and wishes to assist a woman entirely for Allah swt sake and you stop him, you are preventing him from fulfilling what Allah has allowed. You are preventing another woman from her blessings! Open your mind ladies, and start thinking like a Muslim, not like a self-absorbed so-called modernist. Look at the bigger picture and how it will eradicate poverty and adultery.

Know your stats, see the bigger picture

Do you know how many women are single? Do you know that there future predicts that there will be more women on earth than men? In answer to your burning questions in all your minds right now. No, I am not desperate or stupid enough to jump into a polygamous marriage without being sure about who he is and what he stands for.

I know my place as a Muslim woman. Just as you don’t have a choice when it comes to proper hijab, you must cover because this is divine law! Right? It clearly states in the Quraan cover, cover cover! In the very same way, you must accept polygamy as divine law clearly stated in the holy Quraan.

Would I be a second wife? Yes! Would I allow my husband to have a second wife? Yes, definitely I would! In fact at one stage I begged my ex-husband to take another wife for different reasons that are personal. I once even suggested he marry a close friend of mine who was divorced and older than him. He thought I had gone insane.

Benefits of polygamy:

  1. Plenty of me time when he is with her.
  2. You know where he is when he is not with you.
  3. Shared responsibility for example:
  4. He owns a business. Each wife can manage certain department. Or you could take turns to cook and share meals etc
  5. Thawaab and blessings for following the sunnah and upholding the divine decree of Allah swt
  6. If you maintain a kinship and friendship with her it will be mutually beneficial – she will be there for you and your children if you fall ill.
  7. One big happy family – who needs outsiders when there are more than enough insiders?
  8. Discounts for shopping in bulk…hahah
  9. Most importantly mutually assisting others in matters of deen by encouraging one another to be their best.
  10. Security and support. You have a team behind you, what more do you need?

So, ladies before you decide to hate polygamy, know that you hating the divine rule and law of Allah swt, your creator. Are you disputing the hikmah and wisdom of the Lord of the universe, you have the audacity to do that?! Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you for reading, I know this was a really long read.

Published by shamzam0825

Hello and welcome to my world, I am a single Muslim mom. I was born and raised in the heart of Africa. I am a professional Copywriter, Fibromyalgia warrior, Ex LLB student, and a qualified Realtor. I produce content about Copywriting. I also have my own personal lifestyle blog. You are most welcome to follow me and gain insight into my lifestyle. With a healthy dose of my lifelong experiences to share, I will enlighten you on personal development. Allow me to be your companion on this journey called life.

10 thoughts on “Polygamy yay or nay???

  1. I am not a muslim , but polygamy has become quite accepted and widespread in the Western World. All you have to do is look at TLC (Sister Wives). I believe the world is changing , and polygamy is adopted not only for religious reasons but social ones as well.


    1. While the one quarter of the world is pushing for polygamy another group is pushing against it, and the rest just don’t care till polygamy goes knocking at their door!🤣 I have not seen sister wives as yet and now must go check it out. Thank you so much for your response and feedback! I really do appreciate your views.


  2. No for me
    I thought I would consider it at first but nay.
    I’m not lacking anything that my husband might want from another woman. I do my choirs, I’m fertile, I help him whenever he needs my help be it business or family matters and we have a great bedroom life.
    we have mutual understanding.


    1. Thank you for your response Samia, the fact that you would consider it says alot. That alone brings hope, however, it is not about us at all as the first wife. It is more about the community and how it will benefit Islam as a whole.
      Alhamdulillah if you have a happy marriage all the more reason to consider it. As woman we often are very protective of our husbands etc, however if we are able to do this entirely for the sake of Allah swt in order to bring peace and harmony to someone elses life, someone who may benefit more than us, that is indeed an act of selflessness.
      We often live in our own bubble and have so many privileges that another woman just like us would die for.
      Imagine sharing that, imagine giving another child a home and a family life, all for the sake of Allah swt sister.
      Polygamy is beautiful if all parties concerned have good intentions solely for the sake of Allah swt..Everything of the best to you in your marriage. May Allah bless your life. Ameen


  3. Alhamdulillah… For Everything.. I also was young & naive once upon a time. Now I see why Islam is a, complete way of life. Love for others as you love for yourself. Submit to Allah & His commands completely. We want a pure taahir society… Care about the state of our lmaan & our relationship with our Creator. Help ourselves & our spouses to Love Allah & be His True Obedient Slaves at all times in public and in private. So l accept polygamy for the Pleasure of Allah. ALHAMDULILLAH. Let us Be Real believers & help each other for The Pleasure of Allah Alone… ALLAH BLESS us all with Aafia & the True Understanding of His Laws Ameen. JAZZAKALLAHU KHAIR for Sharing this amazing story.


    1. Its my pleasure and Jazakallahukhair for your lovely heartfelt message. I appreciate the time you took from your daily routine to respond and engage! May Allah bless you and always be with you sister. Ameen thumma ameen.❤🤗🌺


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